orchestra pops

36: The World of Sound and Image with JoAnne Harris

Show Notes: Film scores play a crucial role in cinema. It’s intertwined with visual imagery and is a secret ingredient for a blockbuster hit. It heightens the emotional impact of a movie, creating an aural mood for each scene. If you’re curious to know how they’re made, then this episode is right up your alley!…

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29: Navigating a Diversified Career in Music with Susie Benchasil Seiter

Show Notes: Conductor Susie Bechasil Seiter, who specializes in orchestra pops and film score conducting, discuss systematic gender bias, barriers, and her experiences touring with bands around the world!   Susie Benchasil Seiter is a prolific conductor, orchestrator and composer for film, television, video games, and live concerts. Susie currently stays busy conducting Live to…

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