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  • The Conductor's Podcast

S2E11: Why You Need a Career Coach with Karen Cubides

S2E10: Marketing 101 for Musicians with Karen Cubides

S2E9: How Much Should I Talk at Conducting Auditions?

S2E8: Navigating the Business with Kevin Fitzgerald

S2E7: Application and Audition Prep with Kevin Fitzgerald

S2E6: Three Things Helping You Figure Out "What's Next"

S2E5: Branding, Pitching and Social Media with Nicole Riccardo

S2E4: Building a Meaningful Online Community with Nicole Riccardo

S2E3: How to Kill your Diversity Statement

S2E2: The Most Important Thing about your Zoom Interview

S2E1: Three Mistakes to Avoid with String Sectionals

60: Diane Wittry on Conducting Techniques

59: Your Favorite Thing about What You Do

58: Gabriela Lena Frank on Creativity

57: Kamna Gupta on Developing New Operas

56: Cynthia Johnston Turner on Good Conducting and Leadership

55: Five Productivity Hacks

54: Your Morning Routine

53: Carolyn Watson on Conducting Study

52: Aubrey Bergauer on Hiring

51: Score Study Tips

50: How Do I Get Better?

49: What You Wish You Knew Before Entering the Profession

48: Speaking to the Audience

47: Prepping for Rehearsals

46: My Programming Process

45: Creating Meaningful Work with Maria Sensi Sellner

44: Your Favorite Self-Care Practice

43: Managing an Orchestra and a Theater with Anne Catherine Murray

42: Cross-State Music Directing, Traveling, and Family with Sarah Ioannides

41: Thrive in Concert Halls and Opera Pits with Lidiya Yankovskaya

40: What I learned this Season Working as Staff Conductor for Three Organizations

39: Networking Method that Worked for You

38: Organize Your Score, Time, and Journey with Lina Gonzalez Granados

37: Diversity, Mentorship, and Know Your Body Well with Anna Edwards

36: The World of Sound and Image with JoAnne Harris

35: LIVE: Assistant Conductor Positions with Michelle Di Russo and Michelle Rofrano (CUT version)

34: Psychology, Well-Being, and Mindfulness on the Podium with Tianyi Lu

33: Your Score Study Process

32: Serving Music and Drama through a Collaborative Endeavor with Stephanie Havey

31: Breaking the Barriers as a Women Band Conductor with Julia Baumanis

30: Q&A about Everything Conducting Videos

29: Navigating a Diversified Career in Music with Susie Benchasil Seiter

28: Your Biggest Struggle in Conducting during Training Years

27: Building Bridges through Music with Noreen Green

26: Pathway to the Podium with Alice Farnham

25: Committing to the Pursuit of the Purpose with B.E. Boykin

24: What 501(c)3 is and WHY it matters

23: The Most Important Habit that Contributes to Your Success

22: String Strategies and Tackling your Fears with Kira Omelchenko

21: Broadway Demystified with Lily Ling

20: Diversify the Stand with Ashley Killam and Carrie Blosser

19: Running Efficient and Effective Rehearsals by Using your Words and Voice Well

18: The Best Advice You Were Ever Given

17: Constructing Identity through Decolonizing Kiki with Kiernan Steiner

16: Creativity, Social Responsibility, and Artistic Entrepreneurship with Jennifer Kane

15: Building Authentic Relationships with Elizabeth Askren

14: Productivity and Time Management Tips with Kalena Bovell

13: All You Want to Know About Collegiate Ensemble Director Positions

12: Family and Community Centered Artistry with Kristin Roach

11: Building a Collaborative Creative Team - Tips for Working with Living Composers with Rachel Howley

10: Becoming La Maestra with Rebecca Tong

9: Four Tips to Get Unstuck When You Are Depressed

8: Finding the Right Conducting Teacher with Talia Ilan

7: Wave Your Arms in the Air Like You Just Don't Care with Jennifer Jolley

6: From the Keyboard to the Podium with Kristin Ditlow

5: Three Tips to Write a Killer Cover Letter

4: From Fear to Courage with Tiffany Chang

3: Programming for a Social Cause with Michelle Rofrano

2: Conduct Your Life with Maria A. Ellis, the GirlConductor

1: Five Mistakes to Avoid in your Conducting Video