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Collegiate Orchestra Director Positions

Download PPT files from the past webinar series of Maestro as Professor.

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53: Carolyn Watson on Conducting Study

While conducting music requires a specific level of technique, one’s success as a conductor cannot be complete without mastering musicianship.  In this episode of The Conductor’s Podcast, I am beyond ecstatic to have Dr. Carolyn Watson as my guest as she enlightens young and experienced conductors alike, the essence of musicianship, musical intent and musical…

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31: Breaking the Barriers as a Women Band Conductor with Julia Baumanis

Show Notes: Everywhere aound the world, generations of women have been paving the way toward a society that fosters inclusivity, diversity and equality. In this episode, we’ll get a chance to listen to Julia Baumanis. She’s going to share with us how her initial passion for music became the guiding light to her career as…

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