S2E11: Why You Need a Career Coach with Karen Cubides

In today’s conversation, I spoke with Karen about another part of her specialty – career coach, and dig into how people have different definitions of success, and to find the answers from within.

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S2E10: Marketing 101 for Musicians with Karen Cubides

Today’s episode is a must listen for musicians as we learn marketing for ourselves, create opportunities and put ourselves out there for business. Karen Cubides is the passionate and engaging founder and CEO of the Karen Cubides Agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her holistic approach to coaching her clients allows her to serve a wide…

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S2E5: Branding, Pitching and Social Media with Nicole Riccardo

Last week I spoke with social media guru Nicole Riccardo about how musicians can create a meaningful online community through social media. She generously provided a lot of tips and suggestions for my listeners. When we talk about marketing, curating an image of our own for the world, it’s unavoidable to discuss one’s brand. Are…

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