S2E5: Branding, Pitching and Social Media with Nicole Riccardo

Last week I spoke with social media guru Nicole Riccardo about how musicians can create a meaningful online community through social media. She generously provided a lot of tips and suggestions for my listeners.

When we talk about marketing, curating an image of our own for the world, it’s unavoidable to discuss one’s brand.

Are you struggling with defining your “brand” or finding your “niche”? What are some possible ways we can market ourselves better through our social media presences and reach our career goals?

In today’s episode, you will hear the second half of my conversation with flutist turned digital marketer, Nicole Riccardo, the Founder & President of NR Media. After working with multi-million dollar business and gaining 10 years of experience in the field, Nicole’s mission now is to empower other musicians, creatives, and freelancers with the business + digital marketing know-how they need in order to create a career doing what they love!


1:13 – Pitching and Branding
From the angle of pitching specifically, one of the biggest tips that I can give you is, figure out what your specialty is. What’s something that you can lean more into? Something that’s going to set you apart? What’s that thing that’s making you unique? What’s that thing that you are really super passionate about?
If I were to call you up and be like, “hey, I need you to talk for 30 minutes about this one topic right now,”what topic will you talk about and you don’t even have to prep for it. You already have that knowledge; you really love it; you’re passionate about it. You have to find that thing, because otherwise you’re just you’re not going to be able to stand out. 
5:25 How to Find Your Niche?

My biggest piece of advice is to try stuff and see what you like. Because once you get out there, and you start trying different things on, it’s like trying on clothes – you put the shirt on and you’re like, that look cute on the hanger but it’s not really my style. Or, oh, this top is really cute. You try different things on, and you see what fits you and what feels good for you.

18:13 – Pitching Strategy

What I personally do in recommend is I will DM to ask for an email address. So that way, you’re already in their DM, they’re going to know to expect it that you’re going to send something over.

And then I will email them because generally a pitch is going to be a bit longer than just one or two sentences. And then of course, if you get into any negotiations or hashing out details, I like to have it all in one email thread that I can refer back to.

But the benefit of DMing them first is, let’s say you send them an email, and maybe it’s been a week or something and you still haven’t heard back, you can send them a DM and be like, “Hey, I sent you an email last week to that email address. I just wanted to double check whether it went through.”

Usually, you’re gonna get a much faster response from somebody in the DM versus an email. So it’s a really good avenue to use to follow up with somebody. So that is my personal strategy for that.


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