musical theater

32: Serving Music and Drama through a Collaborative Endeavor with Stephanie Havey

Show Notes: Whether it’s building a career or establishing successful working relationships, the importance of networking as a music professional cannot be undermined. In today’s episode, stage director Stephanie Havey provides aspiring music professionals with the knowledge and first-hand experience. She discusses the inner workings of a stage director, her love for the art, the…

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25: Committing to the Pursuit of the Purpose with B.E. Boykin

Show Notes: Happy March!  I hope you are getting more settled into the year of 2022 as I know it hasn’t been easy for a lot of people. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I am totally on the same page with you and that’s why I am super excited about today’s episode as our guest…

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21: Broadway Demystified with Lily Ling

Show Notes: In today’s episode, I am interviewing a dear friend, Lily Ling, who is music director and conductor of the Hamilton Broadway show. I was connected with Lily through the mentorship program offered by the Maestra Music, an organization supporting women and non-binary musicians working in musical theater. They offered a lot of great…

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