44: Your Favorite Self-Care Practice

Hi there! Happy end of June and welcome to the fifth edition of the Conductor’s Podcast Wisdom series, a new series full of shared life experiences and, of course, wisdom! This series is aired on the last Monday of each month, and in each episode, I am going to pose a question to 10 musicians, conductors, or business gurus. So including myself, you will hear all the goodies from a wide variety of people, thus called the wisdom series. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

This month’s question that I am asking my people is, “What’s your favorite self-care practice?”

I asked this question selfishly as I suck (!!!!) at taking care of myself….. Let’s hear what my guests have to say:

  • Julia Baumanis (Assistant Director of Bands at Rutgers University, episode 31)
  • Kristin Roach (opera conductor, Episode 12)
  • Kiernan Steiner or Dr. Kiki (Decolonization consultant and choral conductor, episode 17)
  • Tiffany Chang (opera and orchestra conductor, episode 4)
  • Emily Koh (composer)
  • Margaret Flood (Founder, Frost Young Women Conductor Symposium)
  • Susie Seiter (film conductor, episode 29)
  • Ashley Killam and Carrie Blosser (co-founder, Diversify the Stand, episode 20)
  • Stephanie Havey (stage director, episode 32)

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