51: Score Study Tips

Score study is such an important topic, and I’ve touched on this a few times in the podcast. However, I am going to organize things together for you, so it’s a central place for you!

In today’s episode, I will be sharing 1) how I study scores when I don’t have enough time, 2) some tools that I mixed and matched, and 3) great tips from the Girls Who Conduct Discovery Friday series.

When I don’t have enough time properly study….

  • Tempo, transition, tempo!
  • A lot of listening
  • Balance, Entrances, and Unification of styles

Some tips given to me by Prof. Schlaefli, Mo. Harth-Bedoya, Mark Gibson, and Ken Kiesler

Broaden your Knowledge:

  • Instrumentation Chart
  • List of composers’ works, list of works composed around the same times, and list of works in the same key
  • List of works of similar instrumentation
  • List of works of similar and different themes
  • List of works requiring extra forces (video or audio play along, soloist, speaker/narrator, technology – amped singers, etc)

Highlights from Girls Who Conduct Guests:

  • Tianyi Lu, Holly Choe, Lucia Zicos, Meg Zervoulis, Kira Omelchenko, and Julia Baumanis

Check out the  RESOURCES section of the website for a detailed score study checklist (click for the link)

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