S2E2: The Most Important Thing about your Zoom Interview

Zoom Interviews are now more common since Covid – and organizations are often skipping the traditional phone interview and conduct a zoom interview for shortlisted candidates instead. 

If you’ve had unsuccessful zoom interviews in the past, you want to do a quick self-check and see if you’ve got it right, and know the purpose of the interview: to obtain enough interest in order advance to the next round


Some Zoom Interview Setting Tips from my friend Tim Verville:

  • Set up a nice corner with good light (not natural light) and and an appropriate background
  • Establish your brand with your image (concert posters, bookshelves, etc)
  • Make sure your eye contact is toward your camera, not the people on your screen

Interview Tips:

  • Do your homework, research research research
  • Quickly state the obvious, and go to your uniqueness
  • It’s not about what they asked, but what you want to say and how you say it
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!
    • Research and outline a few questions they might ask
    • Write out what you want say and practice
  • Have good questions to ask
    • Search timeline
    • The 5-year vision of the organization
    • Current challenges
    • Traits of ideal candidates

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