S2E6: Three Things Helping You Figure Out “What’s Next”

Should I enter a graduate program? Look for jobs? Go to masterclasses? Those are some questions that I got asked the most.

For us conductors, we have to create our own curriculum, our own path, and to make decisions all the time.

In today’s episode, I will share with you three main factors to consider when figuring out “what’s next:”


You have to be a good conductor, and that includes your techniques and your knowledge. Your being a good conductor is the most important thing you can deliver.

So here are the questions I always ask myself: am I a good conductor? Am I continue becoming a better conductor everyday?

Your musicianship includes your knowledge and your ability to deliver your knowledge – including your conducting techniques. Do I need a good teacher to help me with techniques? Do I need another set of eyes to check in on me? Am I regressing instead of progressing everyday?


Do I currently have an ensemble to work with regularly? If not, can I form one? If not, can I find opportunities to work with one?

Is this the time to get to a workshop where I can gain experience working with an ensemble more regularly? Do I need exposure to higher caliber musicians? Have I not worked with a good group for too long that I developed so many bad teaching-mindset habits?


Very honestly, you need to know people and people need to know you. It’s not only about your own network – who you know, but also who your teachers know, who your teachers bring in to work with you, who your friends know, what kind of friends, musicians, artists they are exposed to that will connect you with.

Of course we are not connecting with others only because I wanted to conduct your orchestra without seeing you in 10 years. No, not in that way, but building genuine relationships.


So when I am at an intersection of my study and career, I always look at these three parts and wonder, what am I lacking the most at this moment? and what can I do to make a plan to achieve some goals? Hope that you will find this helpful as well!



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